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A Toss of the Dice: Stories from A Pediatrician’s Practice by Natasha T. Hays, MD         Jessica Kingsley Publishers, London N1 9JB, UK


“Told from a pediatrician’s perspective, A Toss of the Dice reveals what it is like to diagnose and treat children with developmental problems.  Natasha Hays uses stories from her pediatric practice to illustrate the challenges faced by children with different types of special needs, including autism, bipolar disorder, genetic syndromes, cerebral palsy, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, and giftedness.

In this highly readable book, Hays combines stories of inspirational children with useful medical information and treatment options.  A Toss of the Dice shows the human perspective of the interaction between doctor and patient.  I informs parents, teachers, doctors, and health professionals as well as the general reader.


“Congratulations to you on a superb job. This should be helpful to physicians, parents, and people in general.”                                                                                                                              Dr. Olsen Huff, founder and previous director of the Olsen Huff Center in Asheville, NC

“Your book is just wonderful. You make so many insightful comments, and the book is written with such compassion.”                                                                                                            Elaine Kistler, Psychologist

“I picked up the book last night saying to myself, “I’ll read a bit of this tonight before I go to bed.” I could not put it down! I feel like I’m meeting the children you describe.”                 Angelina Spencer, Chief Program Officer, Crossnore Schools, Inc.

“What a delightful experience! Your book is the first book on the subject that I found difficult to put down. Couldn’t wait to read the next chapter to find your pearls of wisdom and your thought-provoking questions. If I had the power, I would make this book required reading for everyone in health care and education professions.”                                    Kay Heafner, Physical Therapist

Price: $20, free shipping; can be purchased from the author  Telephone#: 542-600-4131  Also available on Amazon

CD: Alphabatics   Natasha Hays, MD, copyright 2015

Research shows that memory is closely linked to emotion and movement. We also know that children learn best through a “multisensory approach,” incorporating large muscle movement, auditory and visual cues, and dramatic presentation. This is particularly true for a child with learning disabilities, who needs to integrate information in several ways to retain it.   What’s more, this is what type of learning all children enjoy most!

Alphabatics is a gymnastic alphabet, using mnemonic devices to teach children how to identify their letters, write them, and learn phonetic associatons, the key components in reading. I came up with the idea for the book after working with children with dyslexia, as they picked up their phonetic concepts much more quickly this way.

Each letter is demonstrated by a photograph of a child making the letter shape with his or her body. Each body position is also associated with a word that is phonetically linked and is acted out by the child. When I teach the alphabet using this multisensory method, I find that the children love acting out the letters and there is a lot of giggling going on!


Another aspect of “Alphabatics” that is unique is that is includes those lower case letters that are different from their upper case counterparts. There are very few alphabet books that also emphasize (or even include) lower case letters. Actually, they are the letters that children are required to use the most in reading and writing.

This CD can be used by parents with their child individually and also by teachers in group instruction.  A flash drive version is also available on request.

Price: CD, $20, plus $2.00 S and H                    Flash Drive, $25, $2.00 S and H                        Can be purchased from the author  Phone# 541-600-4131